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Who we are | What we do

Official logo of La FraterniteLa Fraternité is a community-based, cultural, non-political and non-for-profit charity organisation. We are registered in England and Wales under the registration number 1135690.  Our charity was created in 2007 following a casual friendly Guinean meeting that later laid the foundation of a much wider and formal organisation that is La Fraternité.  La Fraternité derives the french language and its English meaning is simply "The Fraternity".

The main objectives of this organisation revolve around a wide spectrum of charitable activities, including:

  1. Financing (subject of availability of funds) social activities in the UK in order to promote cultural diversity and social integration, without any discrimination;
  2. Raising awareness and working towards the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in West Africa, a negative cultural practice deeply shrouded in misguided tradition and erroneous cultural beliefs;
  3. Empowering women by providing lifelong training and education in micro-projects and financial management in West Africa;
  4. Targeting areas and promoting female education, especially women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  5. Fostering and reinforcing the spirit of fraternity amongst members of the Guinean community in the UK, thereby helping to promote their integration into British society;
  6. Helping to reduce poverty and promote healthcare and education in Guinea via the supply of necessary materials to Primary Health Care and Education Centres in remote villages.


It is common knowledge that Guinea is one of the wealthiest countries of the West African Sub-region, in terms of its natural resources. However, Guinea is faced with extreme poverty in contrast to its potential mineral wealth.  The majority of the Guinean population live below the threshold of poverty with one of the lowest literacy index in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country is also plagued with many infectious diseases notably – the long standing deadliest Malaria, and since 2014, Ebola.                                            

As a charity, we strongly believe that poor livelihoods, lack of education and adequate health care in Guinea are the major causes of the slow pace of human and social development which cause a precipitous economic decline in the country. Hence, every year, we raise funds and promote donations to help relieve poverty, promote health care and education and social mobility in the Republic Guinea in West Africa. We strongly believe that the relief of poverty is possible and can be done in Guinea and other African nations, as has been historically achieved elsewhere.

Location of GuineaFor instance, we are constantly reminded of how Health and Education served the betterment of the Western Societies. As a matter of fact, following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 6th Century, Europe fell into the abyss of the dark ages for centuries, making the destruction and disappearance of the Greco-Roman scientific heritage, the hallmark of this Era. However, unsurprisingly, the West worked its way up to the enlightenment era which paved the way for economic political and social development, mostly through the concomitant promotion of universal Health and Education.

We believe that we could, through our activities, contribute to helping Guinea and other West African countries re-enact this exploit by raising awareness and deploying conscientious efforts towards tackling the health and educational challenges we are facing. It is our belief that a healthier and better educated society will easily live up to its full economic potential. According to accounts by several researchers, low access to sanitary water supply and poor hygiene are the commonest threats to people’s health and livelihood on African shores. This is even truer in West Africa today and particularly in Guinea. We hence aim to promote sanitary water supply and universal access to education and healthcare. We trust that this is the best way to achieve sustainable development.

Since we started up our charity work in 2007, we have helped cover health care expenses of hundreds peaceful protesters who sustained life threatening injuries as a result of a massive wave of military repression to a pro-democratic rally in September 28th; funded the repatriation and funerals of many members of the Guinean community who died in destitution in the UK. 

Currently, we are working relentlessly and diligently towards donating essential medicines and contributing to the extension, refurbishment and furniture of health care school and university facilities in deprived and remote rural areas.  We are also actively campaigning against female genital mutilation (FGM) and cutting in collaboration with our partners in Guinea, in Europe, in the USA and in West Africa. To achieve these aims, we need the assistance of organisations and well-wishers.

There are times when even the smallest gesture can make a big difference. This means, any donation, regardless of its nature and/or amount, will help us expand our health and educational outreach in the most deprived areas.

To make a donation, please click here.


FGM Seminar - 28 Jan. 2017 in London

Join us on Saturday 28 January 2017 in South London from 1pm to learn about FGM and share experiences.

Special Guests include: NHS England, Lambeth Council, Southwark Council, Home Office, Guardian UK, Metropolitan Police.

Special Speakers include: Leyla Hussain (survivor and campaigner), Mama Sylla (survivor and campaigner), Sheick Bailo Barry (Imam).

The Guinean Embassy and the Guinean Community in the UK.

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Female Genital Mutilation is a crime targeted solely to young girls and women. It must end.

_ Mama Sylla, Chairwoman of La Fraternite.

FGM priorities

1. Raising awareness
Holding regular awareness forums and seminars.
2. Involving men/women
Involving community leaders, religious leaders and professionals.
3. Listening, Learning and Helping style
Listening to survivors; learning from their experiences; supporting them.